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details and links for some great services we recommend

United Kingdom associations/blogs/media/venues

snooker cue sales forum

buy/sell cues, news, chat

snooker cue sales forum

excellent resource for details of  Amateur & Pro snooker tournaments across the UK

snookerhub cuebalm

the UKs leading website in Product reviews. Coach interviews. Chat.

snooker zone cue balm

rankings, events 

world championships

wepf cuebalm

great snooker blog with lots of great info links and articles

snooker me logo.jpg
Telford Pool TV

Telford Pool TV

Live Stream of local pool events

livestream of UK pool events

TYP Live

typ live.jpg

Tamworth UK

Lucky Kiss pool league and events

cuebalm tamworth lucky kiss

United Kingdom

Lynch's Cue Balm STOCKISTS

one of the UKs biggest and most respected brands

cues, cases, & accessories from beginner to pro 

Lynch's Cue Balm STOCKIST

cuebalm cuecraft logo

Salisbury based retailer supplying

Peradon, Powerglide, BCE & Riley & more

Lynch's Cue Balm Stockist

cue balm topcue logo

Cues, cases, and accessories, with own fantastic range and several other brands always available. Portsmouth based.

Lynch's Cue Balm STOCKIST

Lynch's Cue Balm Snooker Crazy

major outlet for some of the

biggest cuesports brands 

Lynch's Cue Balm STOCKIST

cue balm cue power logo

hand crafted cue maker & repairs

Mann Handmade Cues

Lynch's Cue Balm STOCKIST

cuebalm Mann Hand Made Cues

Customised By Nathan Hill. Restoration, Refurbishment, Alteration and Repairs of pool and snooker cues and Hobbyist Cue Maker.


Lynch's Cue Balm STOCKIST

nh custom cues cuebalm

United Kingdom

other recommended products & services

cues tips accessories
Cymru Cues

professional pool coaching

face to face coaching UK 

online coaching worldwide

pool coach logo.png

ultimate ball cleaning solution

Pro Ball Shine

proball shine
cymru cues logo

hand crafted cue maker

advice, collector, cue historian

Andy Hunter

andy hunter

West Midlands UK

Wardy's Pool Table Services

wardys pool table services

North America

Cue Sports Canada

Cues, Cases, Accessories including Lynch's Balm


cuebalm cue sports Canada website

Eagle IQs Custom Pool Cues & Repair

Cues, Service, Repair, Accessories including Lynch's Balm

cue balm eagle iqs custom cues



Kozoom Pool

American Pool Online Magazine & Online Store

for all pool products including Lynch's Cue Balm


Nicolo Custom Made Cues

handmade cues. and accessories including Lynch's Balm

kozoom pool lynch's cuebalm
cuebalm nicolo custom made cues malta
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