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Hand developed and crafted in the UK, Lynch's Original is the worlds first cue BALM...

Years of development perfected this unique formula,  and the process, to create a professional treatment & finish for all wooden cue shafts.


Includes a mix of natural waxes and plant extracts which feed, seal & protects the wood, and leave a silky smooth finish.

..AND the worlds first cue finish with real potential to improve your game !

The  plant extracts used during the handmade process create aromas with widely accepted aromatherapy benefits  - often used to help reduce anxiety, stress, panic attacks, uplift mood, fight depression, and more. 

The process involves a specific mix of waxes reduced to a steam and infused with the natural oils from the plant materials.

The result is a unique "balm" molecule, which is then condensed to achieve the final cuebalm.

Can be used with immediate removal as a shaft cleaner, and to achieve your final SMOOTH cue finish !

Suitable for use alone, or after cleaning using preferred method, or after cue oiling (and dry). The balm is

complimentary to both of these, it seals the pores of the wood to reduce the length of time required between further cleaning.

APPLY .. WAIT 5 MINS.. REMOVE from surface... BUFF !

The essential oils are produced using a process where steam is injected through the plant material containing the desired oils, releasing the plant's aromatic molecules and turning them into vapour. This is then further distilled with our chosen blend of natural waxes to create Lynch's Balm.

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