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click the links to see what others say about Lynch's Cue Balm

excellent resource for details of  Amateur & Pro snooker tournaments across the UK

snooker hub uk lynchs balm review

the UKs leading website in Product reviews. Coach interviews. Chat.

snookerzone review lynchs cue balm

snooker blog: news, reviews, club banger insights & seriously dodgy tips

Lynch's cue balm snookerme review

pool live stream, news, reviews

TYP Live review.jpg

player reviews on Lynch's Original facebook page

Lynch's Cue Balm facebook reviews

Customer feedback from our ebay seller account


reviews on Lynch's Original Amazon account

Lynch's cue balm Amazon reviews


some interesting background reading about the benefits of Lynch's and other essential oil / aromatherapy products for mind and body in sports

British Medical Journals article about the mind and body benefits of aromatherapy in sport

lynch's cue balm bmj sports medicine

- extract..

"there have been numerous studies showing different plant oils' synergistic effects on body and mind energy facilitating excellence in sports!"


detailed report on extensive research into the effects of "aromatherapy on negative emotions"

university of barcelona

- concludes that..

"the final effect could be an improvement of the mental and emotional condition by a combination of reducing the stress level and increasing the arousal level of participants in terms of attentiveness and alertness!"


links to extensive papers  produced over many years on Arometherapy in Sports

US Sports Academy

- notes that..

"aromatherapy has been utilized to ease aches and pains, heal injuries, manage stress and anxiety as well as depression, and restore well-being through relaxation, sedation, and stimulation"


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